Why Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting? 

What is VPS?
Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) is the best option for website hosting if you are considering virtualization, clustering, multi-tenancy and resource management. VPS is a method of hosting where you are provided with a fixed storage medium. This facility that resides on the server side of the operation will allow you to access the fixed storage medium from, by and to your facility. You can access through a web browser or a special set of software designed by your client. This method of hosting has become very popular in the recent years as it allows the resellers to incorporate all the resources on a dedicated server with the use of an improved technological platform.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • Unlike shared hosting, when you opt for Virtual Private Server Hosting, you will use the services of a dedicated server that is further divided into several numbers of servers. As each server has its own operating system and a certain share of hardware resources, you can easily get more bandwidth and more control.
  • This plan is cost efficient when compared to dedicated server hosting plans. You will actually avail the services of dedicated server hosting at a fraction of the cost. This is definitely an added advantage for you.
  • You will have the flexibility to host as many domains as you want with the use of Virtual Private Server Hosting technique.
  • Virtual servers do not share space with other customers and hence you do not have to worry about security issues. This gives you total security.
  • Another major advantage of Virtual Private Server Hosting is the ability to upgrade your site without affecting its operations. Oftentimes, when you want to improve or upgrade your website, you might have to take your server down. In case of VPS, you can upload the changes on the other server that runs the mirror of your site and test the way your site looks after an upgrade. This way, you do not have to worry about the success of your upgrades as they have already been tested.

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting
With the use of VPS, you will have full control over all your web applications. The control is uninterrupted and totally secure at the same time. When you run your website on shared hosting, you always have the risk of your website getting hacked due to security lapse on any other website on the server. At times, this could result in a huge loss for your business. As Virtual Private Server Hosting is cheaper than other ways of hosting and gives you more control, flexibility and security for your site operations, it is definitely a lucrative option to choose.

Cost Effective & Powerful
Virtual Private Sever Hosting could be the right solution for many of the problems related to your website maintenance. Irrespective of the size of your business, this type of web hosting is both cost effective and beneficial for your business. With the use of VPS hosting, you will see your website becoming more and more popular.

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