Vector 1

Economic Promotion, Innovation and Competitiveness

Through the promotion of innovation, investigation and entrepreneurship.


Vector 2

Environmental Upgrading and Qualification

Through integrated management, monitorization, vigilance and safety of the marine environment.



Vector 3

Cultural Promotion

Aims the promotion of the identity and marine cultural heritage, such as sensibilization to increase the quality of life related to the Sea.


About Cascais Atlantico


The challenges raised by a Sustainable Development Strategy unconditionally lead to an Integrated Management of Coastal Zones and Oceans, its resources and activities with a view to promote economic growth, environmental protection and social cohesion.  

A "Atlantic dimension" of Portugal in European Union should be considered from a broader territorial perspective , where the sea territory has a strong influence on the land territory and in their communities.

With about 30 km coastline, Cascais has a rich landscape and ecological environment. The tourism and maritime activities have historical relevance and in some sectors, have high potential for development due to existing infrastructure. In addition, local identity associated with fishing activity is still significant and persists, despite the problems associated with the modernization and adaptation of the sector at European Policy.

Following the good maritime governance advocated both by the Green European Maritime Policy, and National Ocean Strategy and the result of joint effort between the Municipality of Cascais and local partners (Clube Naval de Cascais Cascais and Ecology Group), the Agency Cascais Atlantic was launched in 2007 with the following objectives:

a) to develop studies that promote knowledge about the reality of maritime Cascais,

b) Evaluate and promote maritime related valences Cascais;

c) Perform or participate in marine education projects with schools in Cascais,

d) advise the citizens, economic operators and public authorities in matters relating to the Sea, promoting innovative measures and technology transfer;

e) Promote collaboration with other public or private, national or foreign, seeking technical development, scientific and economic information related to the Sea;

f) Support the Municipality of Cascais integration of maritime policies.

Cascais Atlantico Book

Cascais Atlantico Book
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ZIBA landscape in focus

ZIBA landscape in focus at the Pedra do Sal 
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first marine recycling drop-off point

Marine recycling drop-off point

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