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1.Sea Economy

2.Innovation, Research and Technological Development

3.Qualification, Entrepreneurship and Employment


- Promotion of economic activities related to the Sea

- Structural support to offshore fishing and aquaculture activities

- Promotion the development of marine based energetic solutions

- Marketing increase to promote "Marca Cascais" associeted with the Sea





The objective is to provide structural support to fishing and offshore aquaculture activities, guaranteeing proper advice and upgrading of this activity. Also, to preserve local identity and culture associated with fishing, promoting knowledge, adding innovation, competitiveness, yielding benefits and dignifying the sector.


An example of such is the offshore aquaculture production of soft-shell clams and the use of new fishing methods involving selective traps for the Atlantic white shrimp. In order to support these initiatives an active role by the Fishermen and Shipowners Association, General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture, IPIMAR (Sea and Fisheries Research Institute) and private investors is expected.





Aimed towards the development of maritime-based energetic solutions where existing national or international technological solutions can be promoted, with a more experimental or applied nature and technical feasibility analysis. This would be entrusted to a team of specialists from IST - Instituto Superior Técnico.


A diagnosis of the existing natural conditions in the adjacent maritime area of the Cascais Municipality will be performed/conducted, so as to assess and quantify the potential and limitations in this domain.





Since the beginning of time, the sea is an open gateway to knowledge, an invitation to discovery, a source of precious and nutritional resources, indispensable for a healthy, balanced diet.
Initially, fish began as a popular food whose demand increased during the middle ages, due to religious reasons. As times evolved, along with the geographical expansion, humans discovered new fishery products and new ways to use them. There are currently several known health benefits from those products, with uses ranging from cosmetics to preventive and therapeutic medicine.
In order to draw the most benefits from fishery products, it is fundamental to know what we consume, how to choose, how to preserve and handle those products. If quality concerns were little to none back then for most people, today they are deeply rooted within our daily lifestyle. With that in mind, the Cascais Atlântico Agency presented the Marca Cascais project, promoting and upgrading both the quality and information of fishery products. It is a vast and multi-sectorial concept of practical and direct intervention intertwining and bringing all intervening parties closer, from the fishing industry to the final consumer, while maintaining the sustainable consumption - educated diet duality, upheld by Marca Cascais.
Understanding municipality’s reality and publicizing it so it may be comprehended and perceived; marketing increments that improve Marca Cascais’ association to the Sea; the providing of tools to support the decision making process and project structuring; the consolidation of both the importance of the sea and its century-old arts in the strategic and sustainable development image of the Municipality - these are some of the strategies adopted by the Cascais Atlântico Agency for this project. Nevertheless, the purpose is to point out the emerging importance of the “Sea” as a local factor of tourism attractiveness and competitiveness, as well as to find solutions to mobilize socio-economical agents, creating synergies that promote the coastal front from a sustainable perspective of improvement.
Marca Cascais is therefore the promotion of a municipality where one can live, smell and, feel the sea in a harmonious, sustainable and strategic way, an invitation to discovery based on quality and knowledge.
There are several initiatives being developed to achieve this goal, aimed at Investors and Consumers of Fishery Products, from Locals to Tourists.
  • Cascais Fish and Seafood Consumer Guide, enabling the consumer to see how fresh the product being bought is, what its nutritional value is and how it was prepared.
  • Cascais Octopus Certification, since this is the most captured and auctioned species by fishermen in the Municipality, who resort to a passive fishing where it is the animal that allows itself to be caught.
  • Socio-Economic Study of Fishing Employment and Dependency in Cascais, which allows an accurate definition of the fishing community with a strong tradition in the Municipality.


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Cascais Atlantico Book
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