First marine recycling drop-off point


The first Marine Recycling Drop-off Point in Portugal was announced last April. The initiative was promoted by the Cascais Atlântico Agency and is part of a wider programme to Fight Marine Pollution.
The project was presented in the Cascais Town Hall Main Hall (Salão Nobre). Present at the ceremony were the Mayor of Cascais, António d’Orey Capucho, vice president of the Cascais Town Hall and president of Cascais AtlÂntico, Carlos Carreiras, as well Cascais Atlântico's partners in this initiative (Association of Fishery Professionals in Cascais - APPC and Association of Shipwoners and Fishermen of Cascais - AAPC).


Opening the ceremony was Carlos Carreiras, who emphasized the importance of preserving the sea in the Municipality, "as Cascais is 100 times bigger at sea than on land”. The President of Cascais Atlântico also stressed out the motives behind the creation of a Marine Recycling Drop-off Point, referring to the town’s century-old fishery tradition, the need to protect and preserve marine fauna and the respect owed to people visiting and from Cascais.
The technical team of Cascais Atlântico explained what and how important the Marine Drop-off is. “Marca Cascais” was also presented, a project by the Agency aimed at exploring the different aspects of marine resources in the Municipality.
Following the signing of the protocols between Cascais Atlântico and partner entities, the Mayor, António d’Orey Capucho, noted that “the fishing class in Cascais can’t be seen just as a tourist attraction” therefore the creation of such Marine Drop-off Points is “of the highest importance, albeit a simple measure”.


Cascais Atlântico’s partners in the project also participated in the ceremony. António Ramos, representing AAPC, congratulated the Agency for “solving a problem that affected fishermen for years”, referring to the fact that until now, no adequate place existed for depositing waste produced by boats.
António Carvalho, from APPC, stated that “the Marine Recycling Drop-Off Point has provided a solution to a problem that fishermen had warned authorities about, but which remained unsolved until now".



Carlos Carreiras inaugurated the Marine Recycling Drop-Off Point, installed in Raquete dos Pescadores, in the presence of partners, Cascais Atlântico technicians and guests.
The Marine Recycling Drop-Off Point is a plywood structure made to collect waste material from vessels (oil, batteries, spark plugs, oil filters) that otherwise would be dumped in the sea. With this project, the promoters hope to collect 200 litres of oil each month.
Cascais Atlântico invested 5.000 euros in this equipment and others will be installed throughout the year around the Municipality. The next one is to be placed in the Cascais Marina.



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first marine recycling drop-off point

Marine recycling drop-off point

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