Having regard to the strategic vision and integrated sustainability, the activities developed by Agência Cascais Atlântico when pursuing its objectives are divided into 3 acting vectors:


  1. Vector 1 (Economic Promotion, Innovation and Competitiveness) –“Enermar Cascais” - ”RecMar Cascais” - ”Marca Cascais”
  2. Vector 2 (Environmental Upgrading and Qualification) – “AquaSig Cascais” - ”Habitat Cascais” - ”Rotational Protected Marine Area” - ”Fight against Maritime Pollution” - ”Avencas Biophysical Interest Zone Management Plan”
  3. Vector 3 (Socio-Cultural Promotion) –“Climate Change Awareness Centre” - ”Edumar-Marine Education for Sustainable Development” - ”ArteMar Estoril-International Sculpture Exhibition”



Img.1—Agência Cascais Atlântico Project Chart by acting vector



Cascais Atlantico Book

Cascais Atlantico Book
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ZIBA landscape in focus

ZIBA landscape in focus at the Pedra do Sal 
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first marine recycling drop-off point

Marine recycling drop-off point

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