ZIBA landscape in focus at the Ponta do Sal Interpretation Centre


On November 7th, the Cascais City Council and Agência Cascais Atlântico introduced the virtual scenic viewer, installed at the Ponta do Sal Interpretation Centre, located in S. Pedro do Estoril.
This equipment, created by Portuguese company YDreams, increases the amount of available information on the natural heritage surrounding Ponta do Sal, with special focus given to the Avencas Biophysical Interest Zone (ZIBA).
The virtual scenic viewer – Virtual Sightseeing – is an external observation system designed to grant visitors access to natural, landscape and informative contents on the surrounding landscape. It is the result of new technologies applied to traditional scenic viewers, with a camera for viewing images and a computer for processing and making the information available in real time.
The main advantage of this modern viewing system is the ability to provide a context for the surrounding area, using virtual information on the different interest sites as they appear on the screen, through a simple but intuitive search.
The system uses a touch screen interface where the Ponta do Sal landscape can be seen, and where the user can select information on the natural heritage of the site, as an audio clip, text, image or video.
The contents of the scenic viewer focus on remarkable places like the Santa Marta Fort, Avencas beach, Cascais Fortress, Moitas beach, Cascais Marigraph, São Pedro do Estoril beach, Cascais Marina, Ponta do Sal, Tamariz beach, Bugio Tower and Cascais Bay..
According to Carlos Carreiras, President of Cascais Atlântico and deputy mayor of the Cascais City Council, “this is yet another modern, innovating step the municipality gives. This time, using digital equipment that serves two ends: to inform residents on the natural heritage surrounding them, and raise awareness of the importance of environmental issues”.

If it pans out as expected, it is highly likely this equipment be installed in other parts of the municipality.


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ZIBA landscape in focus

ZIBA landscape in focus at the Pedra do Sal 
Virtual scenic viewer



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